Friday, March 15, 2013

The Insufferably Irrational Female Voter

Yes, we've reached another little milestone on our path to total inanity in this country. Ashley Judd is considering a run for the U.S. Senate and is being taken very seriously.

It's not really surprising that the two major political parties, steeped in personal corruption as they are, are sinking to this level of candidate. What is dismaying is what a substantial percentage of a major voting demographic appears to treasure as a qualification for high political office:

"She was articulate and passionate."
" ... she was compassionate,  considerate, and interested in whatever you had to say."
"... Judd cares passionately about women and children"

Surely there are intelligent women of good will out there who can see that the modern American female voter is especially prone to being swayed by vapid emotional appeals. A good example can be found in the comments section here, courtesy of a Huffington Post "super user" by the name of CK Page (note the cute little kitty icon):

Why Romney Lost This Woman's Vote 4) And this brings me to the final consideration, compassion. This was the deciding issue for me. In my opinion, any candidate for the office of POTUS must have visible, demonstrable compassion for all Americans or they are not fit to seek office. Preferably they need to have passed or assisted the passing of legislation that in some way helps the unfortunate ones.

Passions can be faked. Compassion can be a posture. Legislation can be twisted in the public relations realm. (A great way is to name your legislation after somebody, i.e. "Amy's Law" or "Billy's Law".)

Achievement can be measured. Results and consequences of actions taken can be determined and observed. Until more female voters realize these facts, we will continue our descent into fiscal and political bankruptcy.

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