Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Most Ridiculous Mandatory Use of a Black Guy in a Commercial

We've seen it so many times by now that we're all inured to it. The random and pointless inclusion of the black (and increasingly Asian, Mexican, etc. etc.) guy in the buddy commercial in a transparent effort to reach every target demographic possible. Of course it's more about selling stuff than pushing any kind of outright agenda and so should be seen as ridiculous by any and all races involved. It's all eerily reminiscent of this famous college ad campaign that photoshopped the black guy into the "student life" action shot.

Every now and then, though, one of these ads comes across as so foolish that it beggars belief. So as the U.S. Open prepares to tee off, let's give a White Male Punching Bag salute to soulless corporate monstrosity MasterCard for going that extra mile into outright buffoonery:

Commercial No. 2, starts at :30 mark:

OK, so it's four white professional golfers played off as "regular guys" and Ian Poulter suddenly becomes black in the transition. No big deal. But did anyone involved in the making of this commercial notice, or care, that the whole schtick involves these "regular guys" talking in a thick Chicago blue-collar white ethnic accent? So not only is Ian Poulter black, he is a black Chicago white ethnic talking in a "Da Bears" Polish accent. Think Richard Pryor playing Mike Ditka. Absolutely idiotic.

Multiculturalism is frequently mindless and silly. When it's used to sell things it is even more so. It really is an insult to you the viewer. These corporations think so little of you that they throw crap like this together and don't care a whit if there is any continuity or common sense at all. And they are confident - confident! - that you will dutifully watch and go on to buy what they have to sell.

Please stop doing so.

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