Monday, October 21, 2013

Atheist Jargon In Your Local Newspaper

The mainstream newspapers are not even worried about blowback anymore. They just assume that they have so thoroughly won the culture war that they don't even have to hide the condescending loathing for the formerly dominant Christian religion:

Bishop Gerald Dino led the prayers and dedication, asking for their deity to “bless and sanctify this house.” He led a procession through the building, blessing each classroom, before going on the balcony and blessing the parish and the congregation.

"Their deity." Mythical-Place-of-Eternal-Happiness forbid the Las Vegas Review-Journal uses the word "God" to describe the focus of Catholic prayers. 

Just another small hint of what the traditional Christian American should by now be very well aware of: These people are opposed to your very existence. They despise what you hold sacred and they do not see fit to offer even the tiniest sliver of respect for the things you cherish.

It's another milestone on the "tolerance" highway. Last stop: outright hostility. As this milemarker shows, we are getting closer and closer to reaching our destination.

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