Friday, May 31, 2013

White Male Missteps in Our New Society

Two jarring news items this week reveal yet again that the world white American males once lived in is gone. The whole terrain has changed. We are on different and dangerous footing. A sense of personal responsibility and concern once compelled a man to take certain steps for the greater good. These steps are now in our New Society seen as missteps. And a misstep can cost you very dearly.

Our first news item concerns the white male schoolteacher who felt a call to impart knowledge and a sense of fairness to his students:

A Batavia High School teacher's fans are rallying to support him as he faces possible discipline for advising students of their Constitutional rights before taking a school survey on their behavior.
[. . .]
Students and parents have praised his ability to interest reluctant students in history and current affairs.
But John Dryden said he's not the point. He wants people to focus on the issue he raised:
Whether school officials considered that students could incriminate themselves with their answers to the survey that included questions about drug and alcohol use.
Dryden, a social studies teacher, told some of his students April 18 that they had a 5th Amendment right to not incriminate themselves by answering questions on the survey, which had each student's name printed on it.

This man was no doubt motivated by a keen sense of honesty and integrity and did not want his students to have to compromise themselves in the narrow interests of an educational bureaucracy that has failed students for decades now. He obviously wants his students to be able to think for themselves and to know that they have rights as well as responsibilities as young citizens of this nation.

In short, he was promoting everything the New Society opposes. This survey that got him in hot water was no coincidence, no well-intentioned mistake that a good man can point out and correct. No, the survey is in fact a crucial part of these kids' education. They are being taught and conditioned to accept that they have less rights than those who came before them. They are being taught and conditioned to accept the belief that their personal rights are subordinate to the "rights" of the New Society as a whole. They are being taught to be afraid of and submissive to authority.

This teacher is facing disciplinary action precisely because he tried to thwart the very purpose of the New Society's educational methods. The New Society doesn't want kids who can think. It wants kids who can be conditioned properly to toe the line. Thus a teacher who attempts to teach is getting in the way of the real teaching. And, sooner rather than later, he will not be allowed to be a teacher anymore.

Our second news item captures the fate of a white American male who still thought he had personal property rights in our New Society and also believed that looking out for his neighbors was the right thing to do. This proved to be a fatal mistake:

A Texas man was gunned down in his own driveway by police officers yesterday morning after he came out of his house to check out a neighbor's burglar alarm.
The death of 72-year-old Jerry Waller, shocked the quiet Fort Worth community, where six shots rang out just before 1am.
Mr Waller was reportedly awoke after a burglar alarm had gone off at a home across the street. He grabbed his .38 caliber handgun and went outside to investigate.
Police responding to the alarm instead went to Mr Waller's home, where they encountered him in his driveway and near the garage. 
Fort Worth Police Cpl Tracey Knight told reporters that the officers - both rookies who have been with the department for less than a year - 'felt threatened' by the elderly grandfather - and shot him.

On his own property, just outside his own house...

Waller, 72, was shot six times in the chest after he went outside to investigate bright lights outside of the bedroom on Havenwood Lane.
Investigators say he had a handgun, but sources tell CBS 11 News that he had put the gun down and then picked it back up before he was shot.
“We were disturbed by suggestions that police may have felt threatened by a man in his own garage faced with unknown trespassers wielding flashlights,” said Angie Waller.

What is so infuriating about this, besides the asinine defense by the police department that a supposedly-trained police officer would feel threatened by a 72-year-old man standing in his own garage, is the sort of comments the Daily Mail article received, which impart the real lesson to white males attempting to reside in our New Society:

If this poor old man hadn't been trying to play cop perhaps he wouldn't have been shot?
- Parade , Portland, 30/5/2013 20:27
He should have stayed in his house. Cowboy mentality will get you killed every time.
- Chiniquy , Melbourne, 30/5/2013 15:10

There you have it, white man. Make no attempt to give an honest education to the schoolchildren placed in your trust. You will only come to grief. Make no attempt to help your neighbor in a time of perceived distress, you will only get what you have coming to you.

Bury your head, hide under the covers and leave things up to our Big Government officials. They are looking out for us all. No input on your part is necessary. Do as you are told or lose your job... or your life.

One wonders if this imposed impotence played a huge role in the total destruction of the black family as blacks moved into urban areas from the country. One wonders if black males were so stripped of their personal authority and standing in their community that they collapsed into the chaos of crime and irresponsibility. One wonders if this is not the fate that now awaits the white American male in our New Society. One wonders if this is exactly what the creators of our New Society have in mind.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Food Homosexual Moment in Modern America

So I was traveling all of last week once again, which is a big reason this blog isn't being updated as often as it should be. Anyway, as I was driving back down 95 South over the weekend I stopped off at the Delaware rest stop for gas.

I decided to grab a cup of coffee at some overpriced cafe in the rest area. I was waiting in line way too long because the culturally-enriching illegal alien/immigrant worker behind the counter was new and struggling to work the register. Actually, the hardest part for her didn't seem to be the register, it was figuring out how American money works. Doing the jobs Americans just won't do. God bless her.

And so as I'm waiting this not-obese black woman behind me asked the black woman behind the counter, "What kind of danish is that? The red one with the cheese all over it?" And the woman behind the counter told her it's a cherry danish with french vanilla cream. The thing was enormous and just soaked in sugary goo.

And the woman behind me went into an amazing riff, singingly exclaiming, "Oh my, oh my. My diabetes ain't gonna like that! Hee-hee-hee. I got diabetes."

The woman behind the counter was barely paying attention so she said even louder:

"Type-2 diabetes. Yep. Type-2. DIABETES. Oh yeah. Oh, well, I'll just take an extra pill. Give me the danish."

She really said all of this, like she was a woman watching her waistline wary of ordering dessert. Except she had a serious health problem which she knew - KNEW - would be negatively affected by her decision. Amazing.

The worker and I were both just staring at this young lady and, to her credit, the woman behind the counter seemed genuinely disgusted.

Of course a part of me was laughing inside because of the recent article in Crisis Magazine.

Then, having just witnessed all of this, I finally got to pay for my coffee and spontaneously ordered two large peanut butter cookies and one oatmeal raisin for the long drive back home.

The illegal alien/immigrant gave me the wrong change back to my benefit. Wasn't even close and there was no hope of explaining the mistake to her.

I ate the sugary cookies on the drive back home.

Changing old habits sure ain't easy.

Friday, May 17, 2013

A Modern American Love Story

A memorable episode of the CBS crime documentary "48 Hours" from 2008.

[Note: SPOILER ALERT. Watch the episode first if you don't want it all given away.]

It starts with this typical-looking modern American woman talking about how her New York stock trader husband was her perfect guy, how when they started dating he would surprise her by giving her a whole outfit of expensive designer clothes - dress, shoes, purse - and saying, "Get dressed, we're going to [some ridiculously expensive Manhattan spot]."

He really was the sweetest guy, her "knight in shining armor."

They got married and moved into a "really nice" exclusive Manhattan suburb. She never called it rich or tony, just "really nice."

And he was just the greatest husband. She stayed at home with the kids while he would go and work the floor of the Exchange all day. And as soon as he got home he would not hesitate to change the baby's diapers.

He always gave her fistfuls of cash so she'd have some spending money and they just lived the perfect dream existence.

Then one day the dream exploded.

The beat-down, balding puddle of masculinity lost his job on the Exchange, but couldn't bear to face his wife and tell her because he was always "the great provider" who gave her all these things.

So he pretended to go to work each day as normal, and started scouting out banks to rob.

The first bank he robs he was "scared out of his mind." But he wanted to be the good provider, so he did it.

Got $16,000 or something like that.

Used it to pay:

a. the mortgage on the fancy house in the "really nice" suburb.

b. the bills on the fancy house.

c. the spending money for the wife.

He said it just like that. Where did all that money go so fast? Those three things. Like it was the most normal way in the world to spend sixteen grand.

He robbed like 9 more banks or something before getting caught. And the wife was saying to the camera, "I have no idea why this happened. I never saw this coming in a million years."

He goes to jail and she divorces her "knight in shining armor" because "I need to move forward with my life."

End of a Modern American Love Story.

.... BUT....

On to Part Two: Cashing in on his ridiculous, irresponsible and destructive behavior:

Crimes and Secrets of a Desperate Dad, Why a Wall Street Trader Became the Long Island Bank Robber is available at: 
It’s available on Pdf and Mobi format formats and will be on Amazon in April.
It tells the true story of why and how a good guy made a bad mistake.

It's bad enough that this man's moral compass was so warped that he valued material possessions and the pursuit of money more than his own freedom and well-being. But now, after serving time in prison and having his life turned completely upside-down, he responds by.... chasing after the money once again. 

Which just goes to show you that some people never even attempt to gain a true understanding of themselves and the behavior that holds them back in life. You can't put a dollar amount on integrity, Steve. And if you had some of that, you might just find yourself a woman who won't see you as nothing but a cash cow to be milked 'til your very manhood is dry.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

He Gave His Life For You

A touching paen to a remarkable man from his devoted son:

Nearly 50 years after leaving the University of Pennsylvania for Vietnam, Lt. Col. Mortimer Lenane O'Connor will receive a posthumous Ph.D. today in a ceremony honoring academic achievement and sacrifice on the field of battle.
My father, who set aside his dissertation to lead soldiers in war, will be included in the Class of 1968, the year he would most likely have completed his doctorate had fate not intervened.

Indeed, Lt. Col. O'Connor seemed the epitome of the warrior as the complete man:

In 1958, my dad was sent to Penn to study English in preparation for teaching at West Point. In his year at Penn, the young officer set aside the Cold War for Chaucer and refined his taste for poetry and prose.
After that teaching assignment and a year in Korea, my dad returned to Penn - living in Willingboro with Betsy and the six kids, teaching at Temple, and plodding through Ph.D. course work and research.
He studied German vocabulary flash cards late into the night, long after reading Dickens to us on the living room couch. My mother typed up his papers on a battered Smith-Corona.
He took some of the boys on summer bivouac with ROTC troops to Indiantown Gap. Quoting T.S. Eliot's "The Hollow Men," he would intone, "This is the way the world ends, this is the way the world ends," as we hand-loaded rounds into mortar tubes and watched them arc into the summer sky.

An earnest regard for the arts and a grounded sense of history marked this man:

By the time ground troops were committed to Vietnam, my father's dissertation on "The Siege of Constantinople," a Henry Nevil Payne allegory of intrigue in the quasi-Catholic court of Charles II, was near completion. At its heart, the heroic tragedy was about doomed royal brothers fending off political and religious enemies. The parallel between 15th-century Byzantium and 17th-century England also eerily mirrored developments in Vietnam, where, as my father began his thesis, a Catholic regime run by brothers faced a Buddhist insurgency and treachery in the ranks.

He fell in battle, but his keen intellect would not be forgotten:

The dissertation sat unread in a battered briefcase for more than 40 years, set aside like so much of the past. Disinterred at last, it was sent to Penn, where the graduate English faculty recommended that the warrior be crowned a scholar.
No degree can change the lost years of a father's absence. But in literature, as in life, it can bring an unfinished story to a graceful conclusion. Ask Dr. O'Connor as he passes by in the Penn procession - the ghost with a sheepskin scroll and an M-16.

This man had a large and thriving family, a fertile mind valued by an Ivy League university and an endlessly bright future and he sacrificed it all for his country. We must always remember men like Dr. O'Connor as we face this generation's battle to preserve our freedom, which is threatened from forces within our very gates.

A heartfelt thank you to son O'Connor for reminding us of the Price of Liberty.

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Everyday Chaos of the Individualist-Oriented Society

 Gas, brake, honk. Gas, brake, honk. Honk, honk, punch. Gas, gas gas.

I was out of town last weekend and upon driving back south along I-95 got stuck in one of those increasingly-common lane merges. They're increasingly common because the Obama administration is constantly funding construction and road repair projects in a corrupt sop to its union backers, but that's another story.

So my brother and I sat back and observed the usual goings-on in this situation. I would rate this lane merge at about average, not particularly botched, yet the typical irksomeness of the inability of fellow drivers to work in unison to efficiently orchestrate the merge was well on display.

You've seen it yourself, you know what I mean. The right lane was ending and merging into the left. It starts off with several cars in the right lane panicking and diving into the left lane as soon as they can with the desperation of a drowning man gasping for air. This adds a completely unneeded tension to the situation and forbids the slowed yet smooth progression of the merge.

Then, as the right lane nears its end and cars really do need to merge in a tidy one-and-one progression, you have the guy in the left lane riding the bumper of the vehicle in front of him and adamantly refusing to allow a car on the right in. This is always accompanied by the stone-faced resolve of this obtuse personage, with visage set straight ahead as if he doesn't even realize you are there even though you and he both are fully aware that he knows exactly what he is doing. This specimen of modern man absolutely cannot grasp the notion that it is people exactly like this who contribute to the prolonged tie-up that has inconvenienced HIM in the first place.

I attended a liberal Catholic high school and was exposed to a "feel-good" form of Catholicism that was totally bereft of heft or gravitas. However, one such lightweight lesson did strike a chord with me. I recall a teacher comparing Heaven and Hell by describing each as a huge banquet with a limitless supply of the most delicious food imaginable. The catch was the utensils were elongated to the point where you could not use them to eat the food yourself. The only difference between Heaven and Hell in the example was that in Hell the people desperately and eternally tried to manipulate the useless utensils to grab the food they desired and eat it themselves, failing again and again, while in Heaven the people were calmly using the utensils to grab the food for those across the table and feeding them, and were in turn fed themselves.

As an image of Eternal Life I find this lacking as Heaven to me is being in the Presence of God not sharing Kumbaya moments, but as an example of the interconnectivity of people paving the way for a more efficient society beneficial to all it hit the nail right on the head.

We have become so self-absorbed in this society today, so locked into our individual pods, that we can't even coordinate a simple traffic situation without generating frustration. We like to laugh at the "primitive" and "superstitious" past. What fools we are. A people of shared values united around a spiritual polestar never had to deal with the everyday draining experiences that come with our selfish age. We are daily exposed to small acts of pique and annoyance that when totted up result in a corroded culture filled with suspicion and rage.

Good luck on the drive home today.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Long-dead Celebrities Make Great Pro-Homosexual Advocates is running a typically long-winded "news article" filled with nothing but pure speculation and total conjecture in an effort to make devout Catholic and NFL coaching legend Vince Lombardi a patron saint of the homosexual movement:

Actually, Vincent Thomas Lombardi treated his Green Bay Packers and Washington Redskins as anything but [dogs]. No, winning wasn't everything, or the only thing. In Lombardi's playbook, winning placed a distant second to simple human decency.
In 1969, the year before his death, the only year he coached the Redskins, Lombardi worked with at least five gay men -- three players and two front-office executives, including David Slattery, who would come out in 1993. In his defining biography, "When Pride Still Mattered," author David Maraniss described the scene of Lombardi charging an assistant to work with one of the gay players, a struggling back named Ray McDonald. "And if I hear one of you people make reference to his manhood," Lombardi is quoted as saying, "you'll be out of here before your ass hits the ground."

Of course the homosexuals have a rich history of "outing" long-dead celebrities and historical figures, including Joan of Arc, Abraham Lincoln and James Dean. So this is standard operating procedure. It's much easier to assert the "fact" that somebody is just like you or unequivocally agrees with your personal views when that person is no long around to correct you on the matter.

I suppose the fact that Lombardi famously emphasized a man's sense of responsibility to his God, his family and his football team, in that order, does nothing to dissuade these molders of our new cultural reality.

I recall reading a book about Lombardi's Packers and the notoriously tough coach is running a practice or a training camp exercise or something and he walks up to a glassy-eyed Marv Fleming, the starting tight end, gets right in his face and accusingly asks, "Have you been masturbating mister?"

It's a comical anecdote that highlights Lombardi's ultra-serious approach to football. I took it to mean he thought something was off about poor Marv. Turns out ole Vince was extremely supportive of his lifestyle choice and wanted to give him a hug. Who knew?