Sunday, January 19, 2014

Another Laughably Ridiculous NFL Affirmative Action Hire

With the Detroit Lions being pilloried by football fans everywhere for their ludicrous hiring of the completely underwhelming Jim Caldwell as their new head coach, an old bit of hilarity crept back into my mind.

Caldwell previously served as head coach (read: Peyton Manning's Applauder in Chief / guarantor of the Andrew Luck NFL Draft Golden Ticket) from 2009-2011. Of course Manning was running the show on an offense that he learned under Tom Moore for over a decade before Caldwell even hit town, but the man did have one seemingly easy responsibility that he managed to botch in such a horrific way that it ended the team's season in 2010.

So given that introduction and without further ado, let's go right to what has always been one of the all-time howlers for me. The following quote is taken verbatim from Caldwell's Biography page on the official Indianapolis Colts' website and dates back to his tenure there. Honestly, I do believe it is THE single funniest thing I have ever seen (or heard of or read of or whatever) on a resume in my entire life:

Caldwell spent 1993-2000 as head coach at Wake Forest.  In 1999, Caldwell led the school to its first winning season and bowl game since 1992.

Hot damn, if that doesn't sum up affirmative action in a nutshell right there!

How can anyone be expected to take a man seriously who lists such a thing under his accomplishments?

It's a quite amazing world we live in now that we've left deeds behind and jumped on board the emotional "equality" caravan. The standards are literally below bottom floor now. They can be twisted and defined any way one likes because they are not substantial or real anymore.

It is a terrible, corrosive mindset that demands that a society must not judge an individual by his actions or achievements because there are supposedly higher purposes served by his artificial advancement to positions of importance that he does not deserve to hold.

It is a mindset that will affect much more than who coaches a professional football team.

It is a mindset that is going to damage us all.

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