Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Mental Laziness of the Massachusetts Liberal

Gotta LOVE the stereotypical white Boston liberal, still alive and kicking after all these years:

For the students of color in the group, the selection of the first Latin American Pope was cause for optimism that the church is getting its act together, reaching out to ethnic groups who may have felt disenfranchised in the past. And all the kids we spoke with expressed hope that new leadership might find ways to bridge the generation gap.

Forget for a moment that "the first Latin American Pope" is of Italian heritage.

It's a commonly-known fact that the Church is experiencing its biggest growth in Africa and yet here is our fearless New Frontier pioneer whining about perceived slights he likely stumbled upon in some scarcely-attended aging hippie parish in Waltham. For in his mind, ostracized angelic little black Catholic kids in neat, spotless, wrinkle-free school uniforms are still being forced to drink from the segregated bubbler at Our Lady of Judgmental Severity Elementary.

Being hopelessly out of date deters him not. Reality, after all, was never the Massachusetts Liberal's strength. 

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  1. Out of curiosity, what's the status on the Jewish leadership's progress with reaching out to ethnic groups? What percentage of the Jewish faith is African or Spanish? If I go to a synagogue in NYC or Boston what percentage of those worshiping aren't white? Also, what's the progress of the AME adding more white members to it's congregation?