Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Tax Inequality Dog and Pony Show

No love for the superrich thieves but this is a hollow argument:

Why? It's all about giving a tyrannical federal government more money.

We don't need to tax the rich more. We don't need to tax anybody more.

We need to cut 90 percent of all taxes and 99 percent of government SPENDING.

The tax inequality squabble is intentionally inflamed to distract us from the real problem: out of control government spending that of course goes right into the pockets of the superrich thieves who own our corrupt lawmakers.

If you want to hurt the superrich, take away their Federal Daddy money, in the forms of military contracts, Big Ag subsidies and a million other examples.

Making them pay more taxes into the very same honeypot that they have their sticky fingers engorged in is not going to solve anything.

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