Monday, April 22, 2013

Our Post-Christian Culture Responds to Tragedy

This post is not meant in any way to attempt to diminish the tragedy that befell the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. 

That said, the response that was on display in the city over the past weekend is a telling indictment of the shallow times we are living in. 

This ABC News report inadvertently hits the nail on the head with its assertion that Fenway Park is a "civic cathedral" for the people of Boston. 

And that really sums up where we are now. In the past, the churches would be filled after a horrible catastrophe - the start of a world war, civil war, monster flood, etc. People would bow their heads and solemnly pray to a Just God for mercy.

Nowadays it is the sporting arenas that are filled after every disturbance that can be milked to full emotional effect.

Folks don their Sox gear, wave their American flags in grandstanding style and sing along with a Schmaltzy Neil Diamond for "healing".

It all makes for a bizarre quasi-religious commercial experience as the congregation vows that no act, no matter how horrible, will stop the party from going on.

We have become a nation of emotional consumerists and steroidal men wearing sports uniforms are our new high priests.

You have to love the inspiring tag the ABC report closes with:

There's also been plenty of commerce today and that's important because Friday's shutdown really cost this city money. Today money, and good will, have been flowing all day long.

They may bomb our marathon. But they will never break our will to attend overpriced baseball games, eat hot dogs and spend money.

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