Monday, April 29, 2013

So Jason Collins is a Homosexual

The corporate sports world, fueled by its PR mouthpiece ESPN, is in a lather over NBA scrub Jason Collins' revelation that he is homosexual.

It's really not going too far to suggest that the Total Sports Leader is giving Kennedy Assassination coverage to this "event".

So let me get this, ahem, straight:

Big-time athletes today are tatted-up, steroidal thugs who commit rapes, robberies, murders and smear excrement on hotel walls yet I am supposed to be shaken to the core in my belief that sexual perversion is wrong because one of these modern-day gladiators has "bravely" revealed himself to be this form of degenerate as opposed to one of the more common forms predominant in professional sports today?

Let's take this logic to its natural conclusion:

Hmmmm... that Pac Man Jones sure has some cover skills. Maybe I was wrong all along to believe that making it rain in a strip club and then attacking the people who scamper after the money until one of your posse ends up shooting and paralyzing for life a bouncer is evil?

I gotta reconsider all this. And maybe become more.... TOLERANT... of reckless gunplay in strip clubs.

Thank you Pac Man. You have opened this former bigot's eyes. And helped me grow.

Utterly ridiculous, yet this is exactly the effect that a pro athlete "coming out" is supposed to have on me.

Jason Collins is a homosexual and I am sad for him. But sadder still is the fact that we live in a culture that has lionized professional athletes to such a degree that their poor personal choices are assumed to promote social change. This is the far more significant lesson to be learned from this otherwise meaningless affair.

Of course you won't hear anyone saying that on ESPN.

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