Friday, May 17, 2013

A Modern American Love Story

A memorable episode of the CBS crime documentary "48 Hours" from 2008.

[Note: SPOILER ALERT. Watch the episode first if you don't want it all given away.]

It starts with this typical-looking modern American woman talking about how her New York stock trader husband was her perfect guy, how when they started dating he would surprise her by giving her a whole outfit of expensive designer clothes - dress, shoes, purse - and saying, "Get dressed, we're going to [some ridiculously expensive Manhattan spot]."

He really was the sweetest guy, her "knight in shining armor."

They got married and moved into a "really nice" exclusive Manhattan suburb. She never called it rich or tony, just "really nice."

And he was just the greatest husband. She stayed at home with the kids while he would go and work the floor of the Exchange all day. And as soon as he got home he would not hesitate to change the baby's diapers.

He always gave her fistfuls of cash so she'd have some spending money and they just lived the perfect dream existence.

Then one day the dream exploded.

The beat-down, balding puddle of masculinity lost his job on the Exchange, but couldn't bear to face his wife and tell her because he was always "the great provider" who gave her all these things.

So he pretended to go to work each day as normal, and started scouting out banks to rob.

The first bank he robs he was "scared out of his mind." But he wanted to be the good provider, so he did it.

Got $16,000 or something like that.

Used it to pay:

a. the mortgage on the fancy house in the "really nice" suburb.

b. the bills on the fancy house.

c. the spending money for the wife.

He said it just like that. Where did all that money go so fast? Those three things. Like it was the most normal way in the world to spend sixteen grand.

He robbed like 9 more banks or something before getting caught. And the wife was saying to the camera, "I have no idea why this happened. I never saw this coming in a million years."

He goes to jail and she divorces her "knight in shining armor" because "I need to move forward with my life."

End of a Modern American Love Story.

.... BUT....

On to Part Two: Cashing in on his ridiculous, irresponsible and destructive behavior:

Crimes and Secrets of a Desperate Dad, Why a Wall Street Trader Became the Long Island Bank Robber is available at: 
It’s available on Pdf and Mobi format formats and will be on Amazon in April.
It tells the true story of why and how a good guy made a bad mistake.

It's bad enough that this man's moral compass was so warped that he valued material possessions and the pursuit of money more than his own freedom and well-being. But now, after serving time in prison and having his life turned completely upside-down, he responds by.... chasing after the money once again. 

Which just goes to show you that some people never even attempt to gain a true understanding of themselves and the behavior that holds them back in life. You can't put a dollar amount on integrity, Steve. And if you had some of that, you might just find yourself a woman who won't see you as nothing but a cash cow to be milked 'til your very manhood is dry.

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