Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Food Homosexual Moment in Modern America

So I was traveling all of last week once again, which is a big reason this blog isn't being updated as often as it should be. Anyway, as I was driving back down 95 South over the weekend I stopped off at the Delaware rest stop for gas.

I decided to grab a cup of coffee at some overpriced cafe in the rest area. I was waiting in line way too long because the culturally-enriching illegal alien/immigrant worker behind the counter was new and struggling to work the register. Actually, the hardest part for her didn't seem to be the register, it was figuring out how American money works. Doing the jobs Americans just won't do. God bless her.

And so as I'm waiting this not-obese black woman behind me asked the black woman behind the counter, "What kind of danish is that? The red one with the cheese all over it?" And the woman behind the counter told her it's a cherry danish with french vanilla cream. The thing was enormous and just soaked in sugary goo.

And the woman behind me went into an amazing riff, singingly exclaiming, "Oh my, oh my. My diabetes ain't gonna like that! Hee-hee-hee. I got diabetes."

The woman behind the counter was barely paying attention so she said even louder:

"Type-2 diabetes. Yep. Type-2. DIABETES. Oh yeah. Oh, well, I'll just take an extra pill. Give me the danish."

She really said all of this, like she was a woman watching her waistline wary of ordering dessert. Except she had a serious health problem which she knew - KNEW - would be negatively affected by her decision. Amazing.

The worker and I were both just staring at this young lady and, to her credit, the woman behind the counter seemed genuinely disgusted.

Of course a part of me was laughing inside because of the recent article in Crisis Magazine.

Then, having just witnessed all of this, I finally got to pay for my coffee and spontaneously ordered two large peanut butter cookies and one oatmeal raisin for the long drive back home.

The illegal alien/immigrant gave me the wrong change back to my benefit. Wasn't even close and there was no hope of explaining the mistake to her.

I ate the sugary cookies on the drive back home.

Changing old habits sure ain't easy.

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