Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Elect to Use Your Brain

What makes me laugh every time one of these things comes around - every 2 to 4 years of course being THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVER - is all those folks out there who mock their fellow citizens who pay too much attention to Dancing With the Stars or sports or whatever other meaningless distractions they are so wrapped up in and "don't care enough about their country to take the time to vote."

Please pay attention, because I'm only gonna say this once:

The election IS the distraction.

The political circus is the curtain cast over the economic construct that is hammering us all into indentured slavery.

95 percent of the politicians are owned outright by this economic construct. The other 5 percent are useful idiots because they make the charade all the more believable. They will never have the power to effect meaningful change inside a fixed game and so they go to Washington and learn how to "work within the system." And then they slowly become part of the other 95 percent.

If you want to effect real change in this nation, stop buying things from large multinational corporations. Get your money out of big banks. Don't go to movies or sporting events. Get rid of cable. Boycott Disney.

Stop feeding the tyranny. Stop buying into the illusion of choice.

It will be difficult and you won't always be 100 percent pure but that is the only way to really do something. To the best of your ability, remove yourself from the rotted construct.

Or you can vote. And continue to be part of the problem while getting to lecture all the rest of us about how you are part of the solution.

You get to feel good about yourself. And, hey, isn't that the most important thing in America today?

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